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Data Modeler

Data Modeler

Job Code : BSA-19-0014

Positions : 1

Job Type : Full Time

Location : Melbourne, Florida, USA

Key Skills :

1 year ago

Job Description:



§ Modeling solution and migrating data from DB to Data Lake and from DB to AWS RDS.

§ Analyzing existing screens and develop enhanced dashboards in Tableau, Python.

§ Model relationships between entities to facilitate visualization.

§ Developing Viz using UI JQuery and Backend services using Java

§ Performing Analytics and Machine Learning using Python, Octave as a POC for regression and Clustering data sets facilitating Predictive and forecasting models.

§ Using Python for Data extraction

§ GIS/Kml data simulation for map-based Visualizations involving spatial data 

§ Managing the inputs and enhancing the user experience.

§ Site level management in Tableau Sites.

§ Preparing Presentations, Dashboards for Client meetings and present to the client.

§ Coordinating between multiple teams to plan proactively for foredoing and accomplishing the deliverables.

§ Stake Holder Management

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