Validation Lead & Validation TestersJob Details

Validation Lead & Validation Testers

Validation Lead & Validation Testers

Job Code : BSA-19-0025

Positions : 2

Job Type : Full Time

Location : Newark, New Jersey, USA

Key Skills :

4 years ago

Job Description:

Required Skills/Experience:

•         Must have very good analytical skills to analyze requirements to develop both positive and negative testing scenarios.

•         Understand user acceptance testing documentation requirements by working closely with corporate ITS QA and corporate Quality and Compliance representatives, maintaining the user acceptance documents according to corporate SOPs.

•         Responsible for managing user acceptance documentation review, storage, versioning and signature collection.  Interact with end users to gather business requirements and information and transcribe them into user acceptance testing requirements.

•         Perform, verify and document the final user acceptance testing associated with the migration of artifacts from source to target systems.

•         Ensure that Quality and performance metrics are for user acceptance testing are defined, tracked and reported.

 •        Required Bachelor's degree in pharmaceutical Science OR related field of study

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