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Product Owner

Product Owner

Job Code : BSA-21-0067

Positions : 1

Job Type : Full Time

Location : Hartford, Connecticut, USA

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3 years ago

Job Description:

Job Profile Summary

Under general supervision, this position acts as the representative of stakeholders to manage product backlogs and review iteration outcomes to ensure the business success of software development projects. Owns moderately complex products and provides support to the Client, offering advice regarding the Product requirements. They involve the Stakeholders and/or end-users in the process, inviting them to actively take part in the development of the Product. They also give constant feedback and bring new ideas on Product features.


Job Description

·         Discusses and determines product backlogs for each iteration, and reviewing the outputs of all sprints, to make sure they are in alignment with the non-functional requirements of the client.

·         Defines and conveys the general product vision into specific product features and implement long-term planning through regular road mapping. Prepares and leads refinements and planning’s within the development team to address client requirements and ensure the successful product for business objectives.

·         Works closely with the development team, to ensure the right things to be focused on and completed during the development process; facilitates trade-off discussions with product management or customer/development team for enabler vs business asks.

·         Follows standard principles to write, discuss and add user stories to product backlogs; prioritizing product backlogs by business values, level of effort, and dependencies.

·         Provides inputs for applications technical designs and data models to deliver user-friendly product solutions.

·         Takes accountability for ensuring that the UX designs meet requirements

Minimum Qualification:

• Bachelor's degree in computer science, IT, or closely related field.

Preferred Qualification:

·         Knowledge of Agile process and principles

·         Knows and embodies Scrum values

·         Understands Product Owner involvement in Scrum events

·         Experience drafting and elaborating backlog items.

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