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Systems Analyst

Systems Analyst

Job Code : BSA-21-0077

Positions : 1

Job Type : Full Time

Location : Dayton, Ohio, USA

Key Skills :

2 years ago

Job Description:

2 use cases they’ll be working on:

1st use case is analytics workbench -> loading data into lake, Azure SQL, business rules applied to requirements gathering underway..

2nd - Pharmacy Data -> scheduled meetings with biz next week…  Historically had CVS for pharma claims, moving to ESI.  Bringing historical data and current into a unified data model, implement it, then deliver some analytics functionality off this data.

The System Analyst will own Use Case development and grooming process end-to-end. 

This person will need to have experience with the Use Case life-cycle as follows:


1) Plan and conduct use case development sessions

2) Business user interviewing skills to elicit business requirements

3) Capture the use case in a standard (actor, action, response) format

4) Capture user acceptance criteria (how will the business test it) - requires documenting data specifications, test criteria (input/output, pass/fail, etc.)

5) Validate the documented use case with the business and technical teams to obtain buy-in

6) Maintain Use Case log in centralized tools (TFS, Azure DevOps story cards)

Most of the time the scrum master will assist the SA in schedulign and facilitating user meetings.

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